Business Developers Distribution-Representatives
North America & LATAM

Sales, Marketing and Products Support

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Welcome to
Fokus International Trading LLC

Welcome to our website

Business Developers, Distributors and Representatives Firm for North America & LATAM Markets Expansion 

Products Trading and Marketing Projections Experts

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Production Sales, Logistics, Global Imports-Exports & Market Analysis

Fokus International Trading Business Leading Roll is International Commercialization Network Available in Major Markets Sectors for Companies Searching for Business Expansion in Territories - Countries of Interest

Groceries & Beverages

Supermarkets, Groceries Stores, Small Business Supplies 

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Cube Refrigeration Sensor Commercial & Industrial Units

Innovating Refrigeration Operation Sensor Systems

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PVDF Fokus Extreme Ties

Describe your product or give more information.

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Fokus Baja Sea-Ocean Seafood

Fresh Wild Caught Express Deliveries.

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